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UFO Galaxy Interceptor II Limited Edition

UFO Galaxy Interceptor II Limited Edition

Varenr. HE046-XXL


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Multi-Axial Fiber Helmet
Homologated E11 22R-050158/P

GALAXY Interceptor II - LIMITED EDITION di UFO PLAST, 100% Made in Italy Achieved after long and attentive research resulting in better protection, and can be used in combination with the modern Neck Brace.

When planning this helmet particular importance was given to the internal comfort, (fit and ventilation system), to the aggressive and aerodynamic design and to reduced weight. Conceived, realized and optimized for maximum performance with optimum comfort.

For maximum comfort the exterior shell has been constructed in two different sizes and made with the most advanced constructive technology. Different materials have been layered and woven together (Carbon, Aramidic, Fiberglass and Polyester Resin) and inserted in preestablished positions to guarantee the characteristic profile and maximum performance with minimum weight. The particular shape of the inferior shell was studied so as to reduce angles that could collide with the rider's body and to permit the use of the modern Neck Brace. This helmet by Ufo Plast has been constructed with the complex ventilation system M.V.S.

Realized in the finest materials, the pads are fastened to the helmet with snaps and can be completely removed. There are three pads: central pad, left side pad, right side pad.