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Malossi Multimeter

Malossi Multimeter

Dette Malossi multimeter viser omdrejninger, temperatur og fungerer også som timetæller.

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  • Universal

For all vehicles.

Malossi is proud to introduce a new range of meters to measure the engine parameters. The compact design and the inner batteries allow to use these meters on more vehicles. Anyway, if preferred, connecting the charger supplied in the kit directly to a vehicle, it is possible to use the meter only on it.

This only and compact meter allows to monitor three important parameters:

Engine RPM

Cooling Temperature

Engine working Hour

With the RPM function both Max RPM and instantaneous engine RPM can be recorded. The TEMP function will display the cooling temperature. The HOUR function will show of how many hours the engine has been working in order to give precious information about when it is necessary to do maintenance.

Display range:    0 ~ 15.000 Rpm

Display unit:    10 rpm

Display range:    -25 ° c ~ 250 ° c (-13 ° f ~ 482 ° f)

Display unit:    0.1 ° C (° f)

Temperature warning

Display will flash when the temperature is higher or equal to the prescribed value.

Total hour meter

Display range:    0 ~ 99999 hours

Display unit:    1 hour

Hour meter a / b:

Display range:    0.0 ~ 999.9 Hours

Display unit:    0,1 hours

Effective voltage:    dc 12v

Battery type:    cr 2032

Battery life time:    350 hours

Effective temperature range:    -10 ° c ~ +60 ° c

Meter size:    69 x 32 x 16

Meter weight:    48g